Business as Usual is History

Green Ant Advisors LLC is an innovative consultancy group started and run by David Meyers and includes associated consultants, business advisors, and change leaders. We share a strong passion and commitment to supporting transformational change in organizations, communities, and individuals. We are committed to planetary balance, universal rights, open dialogue, and human creativity. We bring our passion, imagination, and many years of experience to each of our engagements: entrepreneurial, advisory, or technical.

Dr. David Meyers has been engaged in multiple aspects of sustainability and entrepreneurship for many years. His expertise and work includes:
- Impact Investing
- Environmental Markets
- Conservation Finance
- Social Enterprise
- Startup Business Planning and Financing
- Corporate Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Strategies
- Corporate Sustainability
- Protected Areas Management
- Ecological and Evolutionary Models for Business Strategy
- The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
- Non-profit Management and Strategy
- Conservation Trust Funds
- Sustainable Land Management
- Forestry
- International Development
- Marine and Coastal Environments
- Africa and Madagascar

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