Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital

Corporate Ecosystem Services

Green Ant Advisors can support your company’s management of Ecosystem Service issues.  As awareness, regulation, and emerging markets for ecosystem services expand, companies are experiencing increasing risks and opportunities. A growing number of tools are being implemented and Green Ant Advisors can guide you to the most appropriate and lead the entire implementation.  Conducting a Corporate Ecosystem Services Review (CESR), Corporate Ecosystem Valuation, or Ecosystem Services Benchmark at your company will reveal important opportunities that have been hidden below the surface. Once these baseline analyses are completed for certain products, we will help you establish an ecosystem service action plan and enroll your teams for rapid results.

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More about Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem Services include a wide range of goods and services that are generated, usually free of charge, by the Earth’s physical and biological systems.  They are divided into: 1) Provisioning, 2) Regulating, 3) Cultural, and 4) Supporting services.

Provisioning Services

  • Food
  • Fiber
  • Fuel
  • Genetic resources
  • Biochemicals, natural medicines, and pharmaceuticals
  • Ornamental resources
  • Fresh water
Regulating Services

  • Air quality regulation
  • Climate regulation
  • Water regulation
  • Erosion regulation
  • Water purification and waste treatment
  • Disease regulation
  • Pest regulation
  • Pollination
  • Natural hazard regulation
Cultural Services

  • Cultural diversity
  • Spiritual and religious values
  • Knowledge systems (traditional and formal)
  • Educational values
  • Inspiration
  • Aesthetic values
  • Social relations
  • Sense of place
  • Cultural heritage values
  • Recreation and ecotourism

Supporting Services

  • Soil Formation
  • Photosynthesis
  • Primary production
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Water cycling

Biodiversity and ecosystem services provide trillions of dollars of value to the global economy each year – likely on the order of magnitude of global GDP.   However, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has shown that most ecosystems around the world are in severe decline.

All businesses are part of local, regional, and global ecosystems and interact with these ecosystems through impact and dependency.  Impacts can be both positive and negative and many companies are actively seeking to minimize their negative impacts.  Where companies are dependent on diminishing ecosystem services their business value may be at severe risk.  Leading companies are taking a proactive stance to effectively manage both their impact and dependence on ecosystem services.

Ecosystem Service Resources:

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Other Services include:

Sustainability / Responsibility Strategy Consulting
Ecosystem Services Reviews, Valuations, and Management Plans
Building NGO partnerships
Innovation and Creativity Workshops
Sustainable Design Consulting
Greening your Supply Chain
Carbon, Water, and Biodiversity Offsetting