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David MeyersDavid Meyers, PhD, MBA

David Meyers is an entrepreneur and environmental finance expert with over 25 years of experience in sustainability issues spanning business strategy and management, environmental economics, international conservation and development, environmental impact, research in ecology and evolution, training and education.  David is currently the Executive Director of the Conservation Finance Alliance.  He is also Sr. Technical Advisor for the Biodiversity Finance Initiative of the UNDP.  David was the initial CFO/COO for Mission Markets, a financial services company providing online marketplaces for impact investing and environmental assets.  In 2005, David founded and ran Madagascar Bamboo, a triple bottom line bamboo flooring manufacturer.  Madagascar Bamboo was the first company to produce any industrially transformed bamboo products in Africa.  In late 1999, David founded and ran Bluenet Ventures, a technology incubator in New Haven which provided startup space, business planning and consulting to a range of early stage companies.  Throughout his career in business, consulting, and research, David has worked and travelled internationally including spending well over a decade in Madagascar.  While in Madagascar he helped the country plan and execute a tripling of the area under conservation, established the Makira Conservation Area – a 370,000 hectare protected area using REDD+ methodology, and provided strategic and practical support to the government, environmental foundation, and the parks service.

Dr. Meyers has provided consulting services to the UNDP, World Bank, USAID, a range of NGOs and corporations.  His consulting and business activities have taken him to every continent and he has visited or worked in over 45 countries. He began his career conducting research on endangered primates and has written multiple scientific publications and co-authored the definitive guide to the lemurs.  He holds a PhD in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy from Duke University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.  David speaks fluent French and passable Malagasy.  See www.sustainablemusings.wordpress.com for some thoughts on business ecology and evolution.